What is phpBB?

If you want an Internet forum, a place where you can communicate with different folks on different issues, then phpBB – the most popular free message board software application, will be an ideal choice for you.

What phpBB offers you is an excellent admin dashboard, via which you can manage all the settings of your message board – you can determine who’ll be the forum moderators, precisely how the website will look, etc. Yet another great advantage of phpBB is familiarity – many people are already aware of this software app and the instant they see your site, they’ll know what to do.

phpBB is a registered trademark of phpBB Limited and shares no affiliation with Pulse Digital.

phpBB–Optimized Cloud Hosting Services

Each of our hosting plans plans has been optimized to work with phpBB without a problem. And with the automated phpBB installation that’s available right at signup, you can get a phpBB–optimized cloud hosting account in under one minute.

Each and every phpBB cloud hosting package offered by Pulse Digital will give you unmetered hard drive space & web traffic allocations so that your online forum can grow freely. Additionally, we’ll give you a free domain. And we’ll guarantee a 99.9% server uptime. And we will be available to you 24/7, prepared to assist. If you’re dissatisfied with us, you could make use of Pulse Digital’s 30–day money–back guarantee.