What is OpenCart?

If you wish to very quickly establish an e–store this really is both all–inclusive and also intuitive, then OpenCart will be your option. It’s the most used completely free shopping cart software package around. It’s accessible in a lot of languages, gives you quite a lot of 100% free web templates and addons and it is featured in our Web App Installer.

OpenCart offers you a large number of features right out of the box, to make sure you don’t have to acquire add–ons from the beginning. It includes support for an endless quantity of products. It supports multiple currencies, 20 unique payment gateways, 8 shipping methods and more. It is possible to easily add ratings for your goods and also to create rich snippets to improve your internet search engine ranks.

OpenCart is a trademark of OpenCart Limited and is not connected with Pulse Digital.

OpenCart–Optimized Hosting Plans Services

With Pulse Digital’s OpenCart hosting plans solution, you will have your web shop published on the internet instantly. Just choose OpenCart out of the web application drop–down menu in the order form and we will deploy your OpenCart copy the moment we set up your web hosting account. This will help you begin working on your store shortly after the signup process has been completed.

Every one OpenCart–optimized hosting package is supported by a number of service guarantees that will make sure of the reliable effectiveness of your respective web sites. Your OpenCart account is going to be set up 100% free and will come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Also, if you’re not happy with the OpenCart hosting plans service, you can make use of the 30–day money–back guarantee.